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VRFs are typically installed with an Air conditioner inverter which adds a DC inverter to the compressor in order to support variable motor speed and thus variable refrigerant flow rather than simply perform on /off operation. By operating at varying speeds, VRF units work only at the needed rate allowing for substantial energy savings at partial-load conditions.

Heat recovery VRF technology allows individual indoor units to heat or cool as required, while the compressor load benefits from the internal heat recovery. Energy savings of up to 55% are predicted over comparable unitary equipment.This also results in greater control of the building's interior temperature by the building's occupants.
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The Inverter technology (DC) is the latest evolution of technology concerning the electro motors of the compressors. An Inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, so as to continuously regulate the temperature. The DC Inverter units have a variable-frequency drive that comprises an adjustable electrical inverter to control the speed of the electromotor, which means the compressor and the cooling / heating output. The drive converts the incoming AC current to DC and then through a modulation in an electrical inverter produces current of desired frequency.

A microcontroller can sample each ambient air temperature and adjust accordingly the speed of the compressor. The inverter air conditioning units have increased efficiency in contraction to traditional air conditioners, extended life of their parts and the sharp fluctuations in the load are eliminated. This makes the inverter AC units quieter, with lower operating cost and with less broke downs. The inverter AC units might be more expensive than the constant speed air conditioners, but this is balanced by lower energy bills. The payback time is approximately two years depending on the usage.
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A ceiling- or wall-mounted or suspended air conditioner, for when space is limited, because there is no available walls to mount a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted system. Key Features :
  • Fresh Air In Take
  • Sleep & Timer Control
  • Dimensional Screw Fan
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These are also known as floor-standing air conditioners., as they do not require walls or ceilings to fit in, just a mere space can do their work. Like split ACs, a tower AC set consists of 2 units- one internal and an external. However, the indoor unit doesn’t need wall installation. It rather occupies some space on the floor. Tower air conditioners usually have high cooling capacity and suitable for very large rooms. Advantages:
  • Suitable for high capacity cooling
  • Ideal for large rooms at home and in offices
  • Doesn't need windows or wall install

One more good thing about these tower air conditioners is that they save a lot of power. When it comes to power utilization these cooling devices use the least. The underline of these floor standing air conditioners is that they supply utmost cooling with least energy intake. The energy efficiency of an electronic gadget can be effortlessly known with the help of its energy star ratings.
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As the name suggest, one unit is divided into two parts, cooling unit is installed inside the room, where as hot exhaust is outside. As cooling unit is separate, which allow the manufacturer to make more powerful AC. As the compressing unit is outside, there is no noise inside the room.

Split Ac is good choice for offices and other commercial places. Moreover, it can also be used in those rooms, which have no window for the installation of window AC. However, it is not suitable for rooms, which are in the middle of large buildings, as in this case it will be difficult to connect them with their compressor.
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The most common Air conditioner, which is used for small houses and offices, is Window AC. It is a cubical unit, a complete conditioning system in itself; it requires a window, or such space, where you can install it with its face inside the room, and the exterior part outside the building, as it will discharge heat outside.

As it is all in one unit so, it is bit noisy if we compare it with other Air conditioning system. But it is very easy to install, all you have to do is, place it in a proper position, and it is all set to work for you. As compressor and evaporator, both are in one unit, so it’s cooling capacity is limited, this makes it suitable only for small places.
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Portable ACs are the ideal cooling systems if you live in a small home or on rent. Its compact size along with temporary installation features makes it the most practical cooling system yet.

Portable ACs are compact in size and equipped with caster wheels that make them easy to carry around just about anywhere. You can fit one in the trunk of your car if you're traveling and use it wherever you make a stop. They're lightweight and quite easy to carry around compared to window ACs.

The latest portable ACs come with remote controls, self timers, air purifiers, and fan speed, drainage tank and what not. All these features are maintained in one single unit. In other words, you have a convenient air conditioner that has most of the capabilities of a central AC unit. You don't have to worry about getting a hole in your walls either to operate your portable AC! Portable air conditioners are reliable and provide adequate cooling. They are generally equipped with dehumidifiers. That means you're getting the power of two units in a compact and efficient one.
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